The Arab Spring A Year Later — 4 Comments

  1. the arab spring represent the upheavle in the area, and it demonstrate that people are awareness of there rights

  2. For what the Arab Spring happened? Has the goal been achieved? Who has won – progressive part of the society or anti-progressive part? The present situation of Syria is worse where intense fighting is going on, the society of Libya is now divided and consequently very fragile, and the Egypt is, at present, under military leadership. The update news of all of these countries are very disappointed. What steps must be taken to promote peace in these countries? General election, democracy,protection of human rights, respect for human dignity, establishment of provisions for basic needs must be ensured.

    • In my view the Arab Spring is a reaction to oppression with very little understanding of the necessary principles of governance and amount of work required to achieve the society the protesters dream of. Further, it is easy to come together against an exploitative regime, but very hard for all to agree on what type of society they want afterward. The outcomes can be as different as the American and French Revolutions, where Americans got a republican form of democracy and the French got a mobocracy with wave after wave of beheading until Napoleon stepped in with a new military rule.

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