International Journal on World Peace is a quarterly, academic, and refereed journal related to all aspects of peace. It was initiated by scholars gathered at Arlie House in Virginia for a Professors World Peace Academy conference in 1983 and began publication with the September 1984 issue. The founding editor-in-chief was Panos D. Bardis, a professor of sociology at the University of Toledo, Ohio and also editor of International Social Science Review. In 1992, Gordon L. Anderson became the editor-in-chief. He was a member of the Board, whose Ph.D. is in Philosophy of Religion with a minor in Peace Studies and International Relations from Claremont Graduate University.
Gordon L. Anderson
Associate Editor
Mark P. Barry

Tom Abeles (USA)
Nansen Behar (Bulgaria)
Terry Beitzel USA)
John T. Blackmore (USA)
Tinatin Bochorishvili (Georgia)
Jan Brøgger (Norway)
Armando de la Torre (Guatemala)
June Teufel Dreyer (USA)
Lloyd Eby (USA)
Doris Gray (Germany)
Stephen Healey (USA)
George Kaloudis (USA)
Frank Kaufmann (USA)
Emizet Kisangani (USA)
Robert E. Looney (USA)

Jaroslav Machácek (Czech Republic)
Mwelwa Musambachime (Zambia)
‘Seun  Bamidele (Nigeria)
Vladimir Petrovsky (Russia)
Ganesh P. Pokhariyal (India)
J. Martin Ramirez (Spain)
Richard L. Rubenstein (USA)
R. J. Rummel (USA)
Robert Schairer (S. Korea)
William J. Stover (USA)
Norman Swazo (Bangladesh)
Donald Trubshaw (UK)
Michael True (USA)
Hans van der Giessen (USA)
Rene V.L. Wadlow (France)
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