(Entries follow this format: 3:14, namely, No. 3, p. 14.)


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Blasi, Anthony, J., Considering Education for World Unity, 2:10.
Cohen, Elliot A., Hindsight and Blindness on Osirak Bombing, 2:8.
Cohen, Elliot A., Nonviolence and Peace, 1:5.
Cron, Rodney L., No UN Control of Nuclear Weapons, 4:6.
Graham, Bruce T., No UN Control of Nuclear Weapons, 4:5.
Halper, Thomas, Hindsight and Blindness on Osirak Bombing, 2:5.
Hosmer, Clark, Reply to Graham and Cron, No UN Control of Nuclear Weapons, 4:6.
Kaplan, Morton A., A Realistic Peace Dividend: Return to International Law, 1:46.


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Ferencz, Benjamin B., Making the United Nations Effective: Improve the Security Council, 3:21.
Flint, Melanie A. (see Stover, William James).
Garrett, William R., Religio-Cultural Foundations of Western and Eastern Family Systems in a Global Age, 4:11.
Go, Stella P., The Present and Future of the Family in the Philippines, 4:61.
Grizold, Anton, The Concept of Security in the Contemporary World, 3:37.
Gupta, Bina, Modernity and the Hindu Joint Family System: A Problematic Interaction, 4:37.
Himelson, Alfred (see Segalman, Ralph).
Hosmer Clark, Making the United Nations Effective: A Proposed Pragmatic (Nuclear) Sanction, 3:15.
Jamali, Mohammed Fadel, Making the United Nations Effective: A Moral Pact, 3:5.
Kedouri, Elie, Democracy and the Third World: Governance for Developing Countries, 1:7.
Kepir-Sinangil, Handan, Cultural Transformation and Industrialization in Turkey, 2:59.
Neal, Mark, The Benefits of Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries, 2:15; Rejoinder to Scott Bennett’s Comment, 2:35.
Pournelle, Jerry, The Future of Democracy, 1:17.
Meyer, Howard N., A Realistic Peace Dividend: Return to International Law, 1:29; Rejoinder to Kaplan’s Comment, 1:48.
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Schiechl James A. (See Stover, William James).
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Organization and the UN System, 4:107.
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Radloff, Gustav, 3:67.
Skolimowski, Henryk, Drunk With the Stars, 3:64.


Volume XI, 1994 — No Comments

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