Volume X, 1993
Volume XI, 1994
Volume XII, 1995
Volume XIII, 1996
Volume XIV, 1997
Volume XV, 1998
Volume XVI, 1999
Volume XVII, 2000
Volume XVIII, 2001
Volume XIX, 2002
Volume XX, 2003
Volume XXI, 2004
Volume XXII, 2005
Volume XXIII, 2006
Volume XXIV, 2007
Volume XXV, 2008
Volume XXVI, 2009
Volume XXVII, 2010
Volume XXVIII, 2011
Volume XXVIX, 2012
Volume XXX, 2013
Volume XXXI, 2014
Volume XXXII, 2015
Volume XXXIII, 2016
Volume XXXIV, 2017
Volume XXXV, 2018
Volume XXXVI, 2019
Volume XXXVII, 2020
Volume XXXVII, 2021


Annual Indexes — 3 Comments

    • Tim, We started electronic typesetting in 1993 and currently list all indexes after that date on our website. By typing “Pluta” into the search box on the menu bar. The 1993 index shows up and if you scroll down you will find your name twice:

      Pluta, Tim, An Ode to a Sublime Hero and a Resplendent Constellation, 3:88.
      Pluta, Tim, War and the Bill of Goods, 1:73.

      If you contributed to earlier issues, you will need to wait, but we will try to eventually convert older indexes as well.

      –Gordon (Editor)

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