Compiled by: Donna Bardis, Department of Mathematics, The University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio 43606 USA

(Entries follow this format: 3:14, namely, No. 3, p. 14.)


Barrie, George, Multiparty Democracy for Africa, 2:7.
Bouillon, Hardy, see Ernest Wright.
Garrett, Larry, Religion and Ethnicity, 2:12.
James, Gene, More Thoughts on World Development, 2:16.
Kaloudis, George, see Ernest Wright.
Lange, Werner, External Debt and American Economy, 4:4.
Layachi, Azzedine, see Kiran Nair.
Nair, Kiran, Yahia Zoubir, Azzedine Layachi, and Shah Tarzi, The Gulf War, Iraq, Iran, and the USA, 3:3.
Neal, Mark, The Tragedy of Marxist Zambia, 2:3.
Novek, Joel, see Ernest Wright.
Parmanand, Suryia, Nonviolence and Peace, 4:3.
Radloff, Gustav, Superpower Intrigue in the Gulf, 1:18.
Tarzi, Shah, see Kiran Nair.
Vivekananda, Franklin, Justice and Change in South Africa, 3:15.
Wright, Ernest, Joel Novek, George Kaloudis, and Hardy Bouillon, Bouillon on the Postcommunist System, 1:3.
Zoubir, Yahia, see Kiran Nair.


Ahmad, Mumtaz, The Muslim Family Laws Ordinance of Pakistan, 3:37.
Boudreau, Donald, The Bombing of the Osirak Reactor, 2:21.
Chekki, Dan, Some Traditions of Nonviolence and Peace, 3:47.
Chipumbu, George, The Impact of External Debt on African Econo mies, 1:43.
Elahwal, Abdel, Egypt’s Experience with Central Planning, 4:15.
Kaloudis, George, Could the United Nations Preserve International Peace? 2:47.
Kurasha, Jameson, The Challenge of Ideology and the Year 2000, 4:29.
Kurasha, Jameson, Conversion in African Society, 4:23.
Milimo, John, Multiparty Democracy in Africa, 1:35.
Olivier, Michele, see Albert Venter.
Parmanand, Suryia, The Politics of Unrest at Black Campuses in South Africa, 3:21.
Roy, W., Welfare in Excelsis, 3:29.
Shirawi, Yousuf, Changing Patterns of Industrialization in the Middle East, 4:7.
Vale, Colin, Human Rights and Social Change in South Africa, 2:39.
Venter, Albert, and Michele Olivier, Human Rights in Africa, 1:21.


Adams, R., editor, The Great War, 1:123.
Ananius, Fragments, 1:116.
Aristotle, Historia Animalium, 1:116.
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Cordasco, Francesco, Dictionary of American Immigration, 4:102.
Craig, John, Lucia Ames Mead (1856-1936) and the American Peace Movement, 4:97.
Didsbury, Howard, Jr., editor, The Years Ahead, 2:107.
Dollerup, Cay, and Anne Loddegaard, editors, Teaching Translation and Interpreting, 3:113.
Dowlah, Abu, Perestroika, 2:122.
Freedman, David et al., editors, The Anchor Bible Dictionary, 1:119, 2:111.
Herodas, Mimes, 1:116.
Hipponax, Fragments, 1:116.
Khatami, Siamak, Ethnoterritorial Political Violence in Advanced Indus- trial Countries, 2:122.
Laqueur, Walter, Russia and Germany, 3:122.
Literary Papyri, 2:117.
Loddegaard, Anne, see Cay Dollerup.
Lungwangwa, Geoffrey, see Fanuel Sumaili.
Menounos, John, A Diary of Year 2020 AD, 3:120.
Mou, Daniel, and Franklin Vivekananda, New Hopes But Old Seeds, 2:122.
Nelson, Kay, Voodoo Windows, 3:124.
Philo Juadeus, 2:114.
Philostratus, Eicones, 2:115.
Przetacznik, Frank, The Catholic Concept of a Genuine and Just Peace as a Basic Collective Human Right, 1:113.
Rochester, J., Waiting for the Millennium, 2:120.
Selected Papyri, 2:117.
Stocking, George, Jr., The Ethnographer’s Magic and Other Essays in the History of Anthropology, 4:104.
Sumaili, Fanuel, and Geoffrey Lungwangwa, editors, Zambia in the 1990’s, 1:109.
Theophrastus, Characters, 1:116.
Tian-Shanskaia, Olga, Village Life in Late Tsarist Russia, 4:100.
Tzoules, Thanases, Psychanalyse cai Logotechnia, 1:121.
Vivekananda, Franklin, see Daniel Mou.
Wilson, Peter, see Richard Cohen.


Abel, Timothy, 4:104.
Anderson, Gordon, 2:107.
Bardis, Donna, 3:124.
Dungen, Peter van den, 4:97.
Kondopoulos, Effie, 3:120.
Laska, Vera, 4:102,107.
Menon, P., 1:113, 2:120.
Rasor, Eugene, 1:123.
Ray, Lewis, 1:109.
Rzepkowicz, Abraham, 4:100.
Samples, Susann, 3:122, 4:97.
Singh, Ram, 3:113.
Walters, Gregory, 4:91.


Anderson, Gordon, News, 1:57, 2:53, 3:55, 4:37.
Anderson, Gordon, Solving the US Health Care Crisis with a Tax-exempt Personal Health Fund Option, 3:69.
Bardis, Donna, Index to International Journal on World Peace, Volume X, 4:i.
Bardis, Panos, Campus Chaos, 4:57.
Bardis, Panos, Rolling Rigadoons and War and Peace in the Bible and the Modern World, 2:87.
Bardis, Panos, Urania Smiles Now! 3:91.
Bardis, Panos, Wedding Wonders, 1:81.
Cohen, Elliott, Peace and History, 3:81.
Contrarou, Helen, Analysis of Depth, 3:90.
Contrarou, Helen, My Dreams, 4:55.
Coulentianos, Dionyses, The Archangel, 1:76.
Cromwell, Thomas, On “Wedding Wonders,” 3:86.
Drougas, Antonios, Music and the Sea, 1:76.
Euthymiou, Apostolos, Bardis on the Family, 4:53.
Franks, Cheryl, Rebirth, 1:79.
Gobetz, Edward, Wonders in a Multidisciplinary Maelstrom, 2:78.
Jamali, Mohammed, Understanding and Cooperation Between Islam and Christianity Are Essential for World Peace, 1:63.
Kadrovich, Diane, My Sweet Grandson Has Found Peace in Heaven, 2:70.
Kando, Thomas, A Sociological Song of the Stars and the Family, 2:76.
Knappert, Jan, The Kurds, 2:67.
Koester, Arnold, The Birth of Peace, 1:80.
Kondopoulos, Effie, The New Hellenic Generation, 4:55.
Kondopoulos, Effie, A Universal Marvel of Light and Peace, 2:82.
Ladias, Elias, Two Poems, 4:56.
Motz, Lloyd, An Astronomer Whirls in Orion’s Flaming Floral Kingdom, 3:88.
Murphy, Veronica, Hunger Haunted, 1:73.
Olafson, Grace, Christmas Peace, Love, Charity, 3:89.
Photiou, Aleca, Mesolonghi, 1:75.
Photiou, Aleca, To Walk by the Sea, 1:75.
Pluta, Tim, An Ode to a Sublime Hero and a Resplendent Constellation, 3:88.
Pluta, Tim, War and the Bill of Goods, 1:73.
Radloff, Gustav, Primary Condition for Investment, 4:50.
Roche, George, Reinventing Government, 2:86.
Sachara, Betty, In Memory of Menachem Begin, 3:74.
Sachara, Betty, Orion Whirling in a Cosmic Epic of Love, Lore, and Legend, 2:81.
Sahin, M., The Rose of My Heart, 4:52.
Singh, Ram, Senator Simpson and Political Correctness, 3:86.
Singh, R., Time Is Rising, 4:49.


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