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Book Reviews

Contact us to review a book on our list of Books Available for Review (Word doc Document link updated June 28, 2021.

1. Sample Header Format:

    Managing Armed Conflicts in the Twenty-First Century
    Adekeye Adebajo and Chandra Lekha Sriram (eds.)
    London, Frank Cass Publishers, 2001
    241 pages, paper, $24.50

2. Body: 750-1500 words

3. Sample Footer Format:

    Homer Cleon
    Department of Political Science
    Dondeck University
    100 East 100th Street
    New York, New York 10022

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Submissions — 27 Comments

    • We are yet not clear about the value of “impact factors,” or whether they are reliable indicators of the value of an academic article or journal. In some disciplines there are conscious efforts to increase the number of citations among small groups of professionals citing their friends to artificially increase an impact factor report. So the number of citations, in itself, may not reflect the actual contribution of an article to a field. We are also unclear about whether impact factors can be “bought.”

      There have recently been debates about “open” journal publications that are not refereed and about the motives of journals that charge a fee for publication. This has caused administrators to seek alternative means of verification like impact factors when hiring adademics. However, impact factors often refer to citations in articles in journals that charge a placement fee. We are also aware that larger commercially-traded for-profit publishing groups often own or influence ratings organizations, and that they are financially motivated to rank their own journals most highly and seek citations from formulas that evaluate a select group of journals that may not reflect an impact on the society as a whole.

      International Journal on World Peace is a traditional not-for-profit peer reviewed journal that does not charge for the publication of articles. We are indexed by EBSCO, Questia, and JSTOR and listed on the lists of professional journals by several academic organizations. We are not involved in the financial activites that cause academic administrators and human resources personnel to look at ratings like “impact factor” to evaluate a scholar when they are unable to understand the value of the work by reading the article and making a professional judgement on the work themselves. We realize that people who are not experts on the scholars’ own area of writing seek an independent method of evaluating them, especially for purposes of hiring, and we remain open to reviewing evolving methods of independent ratings.

  1. I am highly impressed by your upliftment and selfless service to intellectualism. I feel it as a young academic, a good and prodigious milestone if I get my paper published with your journal of international reputation. Please may I send the paper if I am able to model it according to your guidelines and criteria.
    Ismail Hashim Abubakar,
    Federal University Gusau

  2. Hello good day,
    When will the next issue be out? I have recently attached a file of my review of a book.

  3. Hello good day,
    When will the next issue be out? I have recently attached a file of my review of a book.
    Ismail Hashim Abubakar

    • We would consider it. The journal is printed in black and white, so the photos would show in black and white, but they would be in color on the elcetronic versions.

    • It is usually about a month or less for a review and 4-6 months for publication, but it all depends on the number of submissions we receive.

  4. Good day Sir/Ma,
    Kindly provide me with the details of the author guideline (such the referencing system)for accepting paper in your Journal (International Journal on World Peace).

  5. Hi,I would like to publish my research paper in your question is it possible to publish the literature review in different journal. Thank you

  6. Hello sir,
    I want to know the frequency of your journal and the processing time of the article , if accepted, and kindly disclose if any cost is involved.
    Thanks in anticipation!

    • The frequency is quarterly. The time to publish depends upon the peer reviews time for author revisions and article backlog. Usually 3 months to one year.

  7. There is no submission fees as it is mentioned here, what about publication fees? Do you charge that? If yes, how much?

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